Nordstrom Rolls Out Shop By Text

Photo: Nordstrom

The internet has been buzzing since the launch last spring about Nordstrom's shop by text (yes you heard right) tool called TextStyle that allows shoppers to purchase items via text message based on reccommendations from personal shoppers/sales associates.  This super powered, retail weapon was initiated to one-up it's competition, obviously and is totally genius if you think about it.  All it takes is receiving a text message from your personal shopper, texting back "buy" and a unique code and done.

It's that easy.

Dangerous?  Yes.  Smart business strategy?  Absolutely.

Scott Jones, Nordstrom's VP of Personalization, told Fortune, “TextStyle is an important step forward in our efforts to connect with customers on their terms,” also noting that the tool is a way the retailer is aiming to be “relevant for customers.”

Let us know your thoughts!  Have your tried it out?
Yay or nay?



Your New Fav Dress for Work

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 Introducting your new favorite workwear dress, lazy girl approved.  Great, transitional workwear pieces are hard to come by and this dress has great lines, is comfortable and is totally affordable.

Easily accessorizable for that type of work day and has smart, modern detailing.
We love it, and both your closet and wallet will too.  

Amber Tie-Front Dress



Gigi Hadid Fronts A/W 15 Topshop Collection

Video: Topshop

Coming in after two seasons of ads for Topshop with Cara Delevingne
 (and 4.8 million instagram followers we might add) the US native and ethnically mixed model, Hadid is changing history.  Topshop is a UK based fashion company, yes but also has a wide-ranged, ever expanding demographic of shoppers all over the globe.  In essence, Topshop's decision to go with a non-British model and mixed background all feed into their newly widening consumers.  “Working with Gigi Hadid on this campaign continues to strengthen our international vision for the Topshop brand,” said Sir Philip Green told Style.  “We are continually developing our footprint across all markets with ambitious plans both in the U.K. and internationally, and I feel like Gigi is an ideal ambassador to underpin these efforts.”

And we couldn't agree more.  
Scroll down to view the photos from the campaign, don't forget to shop the collection (if you haven't already)!

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Dior Sets the Standard with Their Latest Sunnies

Video: Dior

Dior just launched the campaign for their new Dior Abstract sunglasses and we're definitely in love.  These sunnies take mirrored sunglasses to a whole new level.  Does that mean we can look this chic when we wear them too?



The Newest Tech in Smartphone Selfies

It's finally here, the next level in cellphone selfies.  The selfie stick was a huge hit and soon you'll be able to attach a ring flash to your phone for added, glamorous light.  

Photos: Peta Pixel

Japanese photogapher, Julie Watai was seriously dissapointed when her iphone couldn't take selfies in poorly lit environments (we feel you, Julie).  With that being said, Julie decided to create a ring light for your smartphone.  Not only will you soon be able to take selfies (or whatever you want for that matter) at night but your skin will also look flawless, or at least close enough.  

The Kira currently takes two AAA batteries, but the final design will rely solely on internal [cellphone] battery for power.  Although the weight, bettery life and pricing is still in development, you can check out more information on the Kira at Kibi Dango.