How to Get Your 💩 Together In 2017

Finding the ideal planner for your life can be overwhelming.  We are all at different stages in our lives and it can be truly difficult to get the most out of your planner and organize your life if the planner just isn't a perfect fit.

For those of us who's New Year's resolutions are to get organized (or just for those of us who need to) here are some great planner options so you can get your 💩 together this year.

Erin Condren planners are really great.  There are so many different types of life events and goals that we plan for (or should) and the geniuses at Erin Condren totally get that.  Whether it's a wedding, teacher lesson plans or you have a major goal you want to accomplish this year, they have your back.  And if you're anything like me, I love to accessorize and decorate my planner.  It makes reaching your goals all the more colorful and fun!  Not only does Eric Condren sell planners but also accessories along with it.  But if you don't like any of their accessories, you can go to etsy and find some that you do.  

Video: Volunteers for Community Impact

Passion Planners are the mecca of all planners.  When I was part of the Marketing team at a nonprofit last year, we were able to all get Passion Planners for free and they changed the way we organized our lives.  Passion Planners are basically extremely organized life planners.  The video above is a video our interns made thanking Passion Planners for donating such amazing planners (my planner is the cover photo as well as the 3rd and 8th planners used just in case you were wondering).  I was able to track my pregnancy, freelance and nonprofit projects all in one planner without it looking too crazy or disorganized.

 Passion Planner started off as an idea and because so much more than that.  These planners come in small and large sizes and make your life so organized (or at least they can make you feel that way).  If you are a girl boss or an aspiring one, this is the planner for you.

Photo: Brilliant Life Planner

Brilliant Life Planners are planners aimed at the Stay-at-Home Moms who also work from home or own their own businesses.  They have the planner essentials in addition to areas that help you look ahead and reflect.  Brilliant Life Planners also have free printables  for when you run out or just want more, as well as an online community for Business Moms.  As a Mom, having time to reflect and seek out my goals it key.  Also the cute covers don't hurt either.

Photo: Julia Kostreva

Julia Kostreva is a super talented artist who also makes planners and notebooks.  These planners are great for designers or the minimalist at heart.  Her planners are small enough to put in your purse and plan away on the go.

Photo: Julia Kostreva

 My favorite part about her planners aren't the beautiful, simplistic design but the fact that they aren't dated.  You literally can start this planner whenever you want and keep it with you no matter where you are.



Can 2016 Leave Already?!

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We still can't believe it.  
2016 has been a cruel soul.  Here's to 2017 being a better year (because it's only up from here) 👏🙌



Happy Holla 🙌 Days!

Baby girl and I were featured in Target's Awesome Shop wearing cute little comfy slippers 💕  (just in time for the holidays)

Both super comfy, under $10 and can be found here!



For The Girl That Never Keeps Her Devices Charged

We all have her in our families or in our squad.  The girl who's phone or computer eis always dead because she literally just doesn't charge it.  This is a gift and a favor, because you love her, and she'll love you for it.

Photo: Amazon



For the Man in Your Life, Whoever He Is

For me, Alphabet Bags are the Hallmark cards of bags and all things personalized (but mainly bags).  Their website is a little addicting, I'll be honest.  They'll make you want everything.  Good thing though, because this bag is perfect for the man in your life whether he's your boyfriend, best friend, dad or brother.  Instead of having him sprawl his grooming tools everywhere, give him a bag.

Photo: Alphabet Bags



This is Literally the PERFECT Place For All of Those Photos

This gift is for all of those Grandparents (mainly Grandma) who have tons of photos of their grandkids, trips to Florida, and those special moments that they have stored in the box in the attic,  shoved somewhere in the office or on their phone.  It's well designed, totally functional AND it can be updated on a whim!  The perfect gift for Grandparents, aspiring Instagram photographer or even yourself!

Get it before it's gone (because it already sold out on Amazon)!

Photo: Wayfair